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6/ 3/2013 | Comments: 1

I haven't posted in a while, but things are still moving along. We've made progress on the Pitts, but that's taken a back seat to some small sailboats we're building for the kids. Hopefully we will get to spend some time this summer teaching them all how to sail.

There is progress on the Airbike front as well. I sent the Hirth to Rec Power and had Matt Dandar's shop go through it get it ready to go again. It has been sitting in storage for a few years, so a few items needed to be inspected. Everything I was concerned about was actually fine. The biggest maintenance item was replacing the rings. They had become loaded up from all the 100LL that's been run through it. Everything was cleaned up and they did a few upgrades to parts that have changed design since I bought the engine. I'll start using TCP in the fuel when I have to run 100LL and extend the life of the rings and plugs.

The engine should be back this week, so we'll start putting the Airbike back together soon. It needs a few hoses and other odds and ends, but mostly just needs to be reassembled. Once the engine is broken in again, it will be back in the air. It will be nice to have a least one of the airplanes in flying condition again.

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Greg   5/16/2016

Howdy, love the pics of the Pitts rebuild. Any new updates? I am partially rebuilding my S1S with Wolf gear and new Rudder, so your pics are super helpful! Thanks, Greg
Denver ,Co

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