Smoke Tank

I'm pulling the smoke tank out of the top wing to clean it up and reduce a little drag from the fittings, cap and plumbing running down the cabanes. Since I already had the Smoking Airplanes system, I talked to John about adding one of his tanks. After trying out a cardboard mock-up and talking a bit on the phone, I ordered up the parts need to finish it up. The tank and parts look great and are well made. Everything is very complete which makes the job pretty easy.

This tank is 3.5 gallons and was designed to fit under the fuel tank in a Pitts S-1. It fits there easily and with a little bit of wiggle room for fine tuning the location and fit. The biggest task will be adding the hard points for mounting the tank. Once I decide where I want them, it shouldn't be too hard to get them installed.

UPDATE - Tank mount finished. Plumbing and electrical next. This is mostly done, but I still need to install the remote fill tube and cap. I also will need to re-route the pump power once the switches and breakers are moved up to the new panel.