Instrument Panel

Here are the details for the new Pitts panel layout and gear. I have been using a hand held radio, which is getting replaced by a panel mounted MGL unit. I already replaced the old 3-in-1 engine instrument with an MGL engine monitor, but it will get relocated a bit. The master switches and breakers are moving from the old radio stack on the floor (gone) to the panel, along with the ammeter. The KT-76a transponder was mounted in the radio stack as well, but will now be mounted on the side of the fuel tank and rewired for a remote face that will mount under the left edge of the panel (most likely). The old mechanical clock/timer croaked a couple years ago and the accelerometer has a hard time re-zeroing. They will both be replaced with a Flight Data Systems GT-50.

The airspeed and altimeter will remain the same and in the same locations. The two MGL units will be mounted on the right, mirroring the steam gauges. The compass is getting replaced with a similar unit, but will remain in the same place at the top center of the panel.

The master switches and breakers will be on the left and the smoke system controls are moving to the right side. I will move the momentary switch for the smoke from the panel to the new throttle handle. The ignition switch will remain in about the same spot. The ammeter will be mounted under the compass and above the GT-50 in the center of the panel. The fuel pressure gauge will be mounted in about the same spot above the smoke controls.

If I had some snazzy panel design software, I'd post a picture of the planned layout. I don't, so you'll have to wait for the pictures. I should have the last new pieces by tomorrow, so this could come together quickly.