Oz PD Goose Sailboat

We just finished up an Oz PD Goose sailboat project. It's a simple, inexpensive sailboat that is more capable than it appears. It was designed by Michael Storer to be light and sail well. This one turned out a little heavier than it could have been, but does sail great. Hopefully all the kids will start learning to sail this summer.

The PD Goose is a 12 foot stretched derivative of the Oz Racer and the original Puddle Duck Racer race class. It goes well with two adults and planes easily in light wind. It is easy to build and won't break the bank. The rectangular cross-section makes it extremely stable as you can see in the video. We're using the balance lug rig also designed by Michael Storer. We're using Tyvek instead of Poly Tarp for our budget sail. Time will tell if that is a good idea.

We are planning on finishing two of these and many of the parts for the second boat are already done. We just didn't have space to assemble both at the same time. I'm sure the second boat will go together even faster than the first.

Here is some video from the first run.

Here is one of the latest videos showing some of the performance potential.


And some pictures of the build.