Airbike Refresh

I've decided to dust off the Airbike and get it back into the air while I'm working on the Pitts. I'm sending the Hirth up to Matt at Rec Power to go through it and assess the condition of the internals after sitting in the hangar for five years. If things are in good shape or at least not that expensive to get up to speed, I can put the Hirth back on the plane until I can scrape up funds for the four-stroke.

The engine is not the only thing that needs attention after sitting in storage. Here is a working list of items that need to be replaced and/or fixed.

Refresh Checklist

  • Replace all fuel lines
  • Flush fuel tanks
  • Add landing gear leg reinforcement/doublers
  • Replace fuel pump
  • Replace fuel filters
  • Replace drain valve
  • Inspect/Replace brakes
  • Inspect/Replace Morse cable for elevator
  • Replace CHT and EGT senders
  • Replace Exhaust manifold
  • Clean and rebuild carb.
  • Replace air filter
  • Install altimeter
  • Inspect aileron hinges and aileron clearance with wing.
  • Replace gearbox oil
  • Check/Charge battery
  • Update tailwheel to replace steering pushrod with dual tension springs
  • Inspect/Replace rudder pedal return springs
  • Inspect/Replace elevator trim spring
  • Replace missing hardware on stabilizer bracing wires
  • Replace or fix tailwheel spring
  • Replace engine shock mounts
  • Replace crankcase pulse tubing
  • Wash plane
  • Install wiring for radio.
  • Inspect for and fix any fuselage rust
  • Repaint exhaust and muffler
  • Touch up paint on fuselage and other parts as needed.
  • Install smoke system (maybe)
  • Install vibration dampening tubes between wing struts.
  • Reduce dihedral of wings
  • Lube all hinges and plain bearings.
  • Re-make windshield/cowl seal